"They say that in times of war people behave like animals"

Three animators and the band Yuko worked with the true stories of some remarkable animals that fought in Belgium during the first world war. Like many, a war they didn’t chose.
After 100 years of being forgotten they give suitable recognition to the brave creatures together with production company De Commerce.

Cher Ami is an animated film with live music from the band Yuko.



The band Yuko wanted to do something different. Through the stories of Jackie, Stubby and Jenny they ended up taking part in this challenging & exciting project. Their new album is called Cher Ami which will be released in september 2016 by Lannoo.

Yuko is Kristof Deneijs (Vocals, guitar), Brecht Plasschaert (keys), Thomas Mortier (bass), David Broeders (drums).

You can listen to their first single Walk This Land.


Ode to the animals of the First World War

Cher Ami is an album as well as a book. The package contains a graphic novel (of the 3 films) and a collection of historical stories. At the moment it is available in Dutch only, however if you are an interested publisher, please contact us.

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Joost Wynant
screenplay and direction

Stef Moens

Sam Verhaert
post production

Pieter Heyman
graphic design

In coproduction with Vrijstaat O and Handelsbeurs.